Benefits of OMERO Edit

  • Omero is a top notch DAM for medical research and is used by similar institutions to PHSU.
  • It supports over 140 image file formats, including all major microscope format and tissue scanner.
  • Easy to transfer interface that includes 3D imaging and high quality tools to analyze research.
  • Exports in original file with metadata or presentation format.
  • This system will allow PHSU to participate in global health initiatives and clinical trials that are long-term and have global partners due to 3rd part analyzing tools

Challenges of OMERO Edit

  • The open source software will require a higher degree of in-house manipulation
  • Significant training will be required to get staff prepared for launch
  • Selecting OMERO requires a second DAM for archives and the necessity of a two stage launch

Benefits of HP Records ManagerEdit

  • Records Manager, previously TRIM, is a very robust DAM with a high degree of scalability.
  • Uses a "in place" records storage framework to reduce the need for migration
  • Secure and streamlined process that is appropriate for archival records and limited retention institutional records
  • High degree of training and documentation available
  • Vendor support included with the system

Challenges of HP Records Manager Edit

  • Cost of system is annual
  • Designed for Windows operating system. It has a web application for most other operating systems including mobile, but main system is limited to Windows.
  • Feedback on web forums point to some disruption to the end user experience after software upgrades.