Mission Edit

As an intellectual steward of information, the PHSU Library advances knowledge and improvement of health in partnership with our community through supporting research and the history of medicine.

Goals Edit

In order to access whether or not our Digital Asset Management Technology plan was a success we need to keep these goals in mind for evaluation of the progress the DAM implementation.

  • To increase storage space for photos, media and data from medical research.
  • To allow for better resolution images of biological images.
  • Increase use of media management beyond the use of internet web pages.
  • To archive and keep media, data, and photographs of the History of Medicine for perpetuity.
  • To create a secure space for PHSU research including human test subject data and clinical trials
  • Enhance the role of the library in the research function of the university

Objectives Edit

  • Select a Digital Asset Management system that will suit the needs of research and archival collections
  • Analyze staff resources and develop training plan
  • Set a realistic timeline for implementation