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Creators Jackie Burgett, Alanna Colwell, and Gabriela Martinez Mercier are students in the Emporia State University SLIM Graduate program. They all share a common interested in academic libraries, library technology, and accessibility.

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Special thanks to Kyle Banerjee a Digital Collections and Metadata Librarian at the Oregon Health & Science University for his particular insight and knowledge of the assessment, research, and evaluation of DAMs. His advice proved to be invaluable in supplementing our understanding of DAMs as well as the needs and expectations of a library comparable to our own.

Thanks also go out to Joanne Parandjuk and the other participants in the Digital Collection Curation and Digital Student Scholarship roundtable at ACRL 2015. The discussion surrounding digital curation needs of the library sparked many questions and collective wisdom for the PHSU participants.

A big thank you to Maggie Hanson and the Digital Asset team at the Portland Art Museum for imparting their knowledge regarding implementation and best practices regarding high resolution images and security.

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